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Here you will find plenty of marine biology resources to assist you in the classroom and on field trips.

Use OceanLink as a guide to help you with:

  • Lesson plans & complete marine biology units
  • Student project ideas
  • Planning trips to the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre
  • General marine biology information
  • Journal writing exercies
  • Finding information on important marine conservation issues
  • Career information in marine biology
  • Links

  • NEW! Science on the Leading Edge
    • Explore current discoveries in Deep Sea Science
    • REAL TIME data of tectonic plate movement
    • Includes Lesson Plans for Teachers

    Lesson Plans & Marine Biology Units

    Developed by the award winning Public Education Department of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre, our Ocean News publications can provide you with a wide array of marine biology lesson plans, labs and worksheets.



    Ocean News covers topics such as:

    Check out our Ocean News Teachers Guide page for more information.

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    Student Project Ideas

    Whether you are looking for semester-long projects or simple experiments that can be run in an afternoon, our Ocean News marine biology educational packages cover a wide array of British Columbia science and social science curriculum for elementary and secondary school students.  Whether you are interested in calculating “carbon footprints” or learning more about how to reduce marine pollution, Ocean News is your one stop resource for marine biology projects.

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    Interested in bringing a class to BMSC?


    The Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre offers an award-winning year-round Public Education program that provides multi-day immersion field trips for elementary, secondary and college level students as well as adult learners. While our focus is on marine and coastal sciences, we encourage custom programs that make use of the incredible environments and people of Vancouver Island's West Coast. As part of our commitment to community we are involved in stewardship and conservation projects as well as facilitating innovative and extremely successful volunteer work experiences for young scientists.  Check out the Public Education pages at the BMSC website for some field trip ideas. It’s worth the trip to Bamfield!  

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    General Marine Biology Information


    Ocean Link provides a wealth of information on marine biology, covering everything from tiny snails to giant whales.  Visit our Marine Biodiversity and Ocean Info pages for more information on popular species found on the west coast of British Columbia or check out our marine biology Links page to connect with other interesting websites. 


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    Journal Writing Exercises

    Journal Writing Exercises Do your students keep a journal? Have a look at Farlyn’s journal for some ideas on how to keep a marine biology notebook. Farlyn is a former student at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre. You are sure to be inspired!

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    Marine Conservation Issues

    Looking for information on threatened and endangered species or ecosystems in coastal British Columbia? The Public Education Department at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre has created detailed pages on sea otters, abalone, and eelgrass ecosystems. These pages provide a wealth of information that students can be incorporated into class projects and presentations.




    Eelgrass Stewardship Project and
    Educational Resource



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    Information on Careers in Marine Biology

    Are some of your students considering careers in Marine Biology? Ocean Link has developed a Careers in Marine Science page featuring interviews with Marine Scientists, answers to frequently asked questions, Career Links, and much more.

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