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Science Project Ideas - ScienceProjectIdeas was formed to offer a unique reference point on great ideas and advice for science projects.
DFO's Student and Teachers pages - lots of resources, activity guides and much more from DFO! Check out the kid's corner!
The Ocean Project - An international network of aquariums, zoos, museums, and conservation organizations working to create an understanding among their visitors and members of the significance of the ocean and the role each person plays in conserving our blue planet for the future.
See the Sea - Provides a wealth of information and current news about the problems facing our oceans.
Biomedia - an excellent source of biological films, video footage and photos and a cool interactive website including an organism of the month feature!
BIODIDAC - a bank of digital resources for teaching biology
VIMS Marine Education Page - From Virginia Sea Grant Program. Links, including step by step "how to do a marine science in the classroom" page.
Whales: A thematic Web Unit - A unit for teachers; using whales in the classroom to capture your class' imagination.
OceanQuest - A hands-on marine education facility in Woods Hole, MA. Workshops for kids and teachers.
Ocean News - and educational publication of the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre providing information, lesson plans and class exercises on marine mammals, sea birds, marine pollution, biodiversity, climate change and other important marine topics.
The Marine Ecology Station Located in Cowichan Bay, B.C., the station is a unique way to explore the biodiversity of marine organisms in B.C. A wide variety of special programs are offered.
Environmental Education - the EE link offers resources for teachers including an environmental education specific search tool, great EE links, books and classroom activities
Animal Diversity Web - an excellent resource for information on a huge number of animals
Estuary Live - this site has estuary lesson plans, pictures and links for your classroom
Marine Biology Puzzles - site that allows you to create puzzles and games centred on marine biology concepts
National Marine Educators Association - brings together educators interested in the world of water
Lesson Plans - collections of lesson plans for teaching marine biology
Vancouver Aquarium for educators - a great teacher resource on marine sciences compiled by the Vancouver Aquarium
REEF - REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) is program dedicated to protecting marine life through education, research and involvement.
PBS Secrets of the Ocean Realm Classroom Activities
Saint Josephs Marine Institute - Pre College Marine Biology Program.
New England Seacoast Institute - Marine Sciences for K-12
SeaWorld - Check out "Just for teachers" at the SeaWorld site!

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