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DFO's kids corner, cool stuff for kids and young adults of all ages!

Coast Kids - Coast Kid is an environmental education program sponsored by Assateague Coastal Trust. The mission of the program is to help kids develop geographical and ecological awareness, encourage greater enjoyment of where you live, and enhance your interest in the environment.

See the Sea - Provides a wealth of information and current news about the problems facing our oceans.

The Abalone Project - Learn about this neat project from a Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre Youth Forum participant's perspective. Have a look!

Sea and Sky - Go under the ocean or past the stars with games, photo galleries, aquarium building hints, and more. Mostly tropical but really neat with lots of good links.

Secrets@Sea - An interactive ocean mystery for you to solve.

Year of the Ocean Kids Page - A good site with fact sheets, a colouring book, link, El Nino info, and lots more!

Secrets of the Ocean Realm - A guided tour through several ocean habitats with info on the animals found there. Pay attention, 'cause there's a quiz!

WhaleNet - An excellent site containing everything you could ever want to know about marine mammals, including links, facts, pictures, etc.

SeaWorld - Check out the "Fun Zone" at the SeaWorld site!

National Geographic's Kids Pages - videos, activities, games and stories!

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