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General Sites 

Animal Corner - Marine animal and general sea life information
South Carolina Marine Life Page - The South Carolina marine life guide from Coastal Scuba,- a scuba diving resource featuring color photos and descriptions of the marine life found in the waters of South Carolina.
Biomedia - an excellent source of biological films, video footage and photos and a cool interactive website including an organism of the month feature!
Marine Biology Web- An sea of information on marine biology including reference material, marine labs, careers in marine biology and more!
CoralRealm - CoralRealm is a web site devoted to coral marine life education. This site features more than 1000 reef fishes,shark and ray descriptions in a database searchable by common, science or family name.
Reef Relief - a non-profit reef conservation/education group with tons of information, links, and pictures.
Marine Animals Database - A listing of marine plants and animals for sale from MBL (Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole).
Hawai'i Coral Reef Network - Featuring seaweeds, fishes and invertebrates of Hawai'i.
The Online Marine Picture Book - a great guided tour through the rocky intertidal with identification of common animals you can find there.
Tree of Life - everything you ever wanted to know about almost any plant and animal, marine or terrestrial, with lots of further reading and links
REEF - REEF (Reef Environmental Education Foundation) is program dedicated to protecting marine life through education, research and involvement.
Golden State Images - California marine wildlife and scenic coastal photography. - Website about the cool world of radiolarians.
Animal InfoBooks - SeaWorld's information pages on all kinds of animals!

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Fisheries-related sites

National Marine Fisheries Service - Dedicated to the maintenance and conservation of all the world's fisheries.
BC Ministry of Fisheries - A site with official government documents in Acrobat format, links for Fisheries Renewal BC, and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.
Habitat and Enhancement Pacific Branch - information about the role, activities and resources of the Habitat and Enhancement Branch (HEB) in the Pacific Region of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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Phytoplankton, benthic algae and aquatic plants

Coralline Algae web server - Good information on coralline algae - a poorly known and appreciated group of marine organisms.
Phycology Society of America - Scientific organization which promotes phycology (the study of algae) and fosters phycological research and education.
Catalogue of Benthic Marine Algae of the Indian Ocean.
Irish Seaweed Center - National University of Ireland Seaweed Site
Baltic Sea Algal situation - Monitored by the Finnish institute of marine research.
Diatoms: Nature's Gems - General information on biology of diatoms.
The Harmful Algae Page - Good info on algal blooms including pictures.
Emiliania huxleyi Home Page - An excellent site on a beautiful and globally important phytoplankton species.
AlgaeBase - marine algae species list and images
Marine Biological Laboratory - Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute - marine algae digital herbarium: species lists and images

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General Invertebrate Sites

Database of marine organisms of the Woods Hole Region - Includes porifera, cnidaria, ctenophora, platyhelminthes, nemertea, annelida, arthropoda, mollusca, ectoprocta, entoprocta, echinodermata and protochordates of the Eastern USA.

Zooplankton - They're just wandering around the ocean

The Plankton Net - Plankton Ecology, Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography Homepage
IOS Zooplankton Laboratory - focus on Pacific Northwest zooplankton with good pictures and general info. Also links to other plankton related sites and information. - Website about the cool world of radiolarians.

Phylum Annelida - A worm by any other name...


The Illinois Natural History Survey
 Center for Annelida Resources
- Worms are pretty interesting. Really!

 Phylum Arthropoda - Crabs, lobsters, etc

Crustacea - Information and pictures of all classes of crustaceans
Arthropods at Berkley - See why Arthropods are considered the real rulers of the Earth!

Phylum Bryozoa - "Moss Animals"

Bryozoan Page - Lots of information, all the way from "what is a bryozoan" to more scientific stuff.
Bryozoans at Berkeley - information and pictures.

Phylum Cnidaria - Jellyfish, Anemones, Corals and Hydrozoans

Cnidaria Home Page - An academic site with good information.
Cnidarians at Berkeley - information and pictures

Phylum Echinodermata - Sea stars, anemones, urchins, sand dollars, sea cucumbers and more!

Introduction to the Echinodermata - Fossil record, life history, ecology, systematics and morphology.

Phylum Mollusca - Snails, Clams, Octopus and more! - Site with info about the octopus - "The Great Mollusk!"
Mollusca - Huge list of links all about molluscs; scientific, shell collecting, etc. etc.
(Mollusca) - Site at U. Arizona; some pictures, systematics
Michael Miller's Slug Site - All about nudibranchs - pictures and information
Cephalopoda - Univerisity of Michigan's Animal Diversity Web site, cephalopod page.

Phylum Porifera - Sponges

Introduction to Porifera - Information on the fossil record, systematics, morphology and life history.
Phylum Porifera - Good general information on sponges.
The sponges of British Columbia - description of sponges found in the northeast Pacific Ocean

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Marine Fishes

Project Seahorse - Worldwide seahorse conservation project
FishBase - lots of great information and pictures on both salt and freshwater fish
Fiona's Shark Links Galore! - If you want to know something about sharks, this is the place to start. Links to many major shark sites on the net.
Division of Fishes - National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Animal InfoBooks - SeaWorld's information pages on sharks, rays, fish, and much more!
Ultimate Guide to Sharks! - Self explanatory... :)
Pelagic Shark Research Foundation - Good info on behaviour, distribution and conservation, plus links to Californian universities and organizations active in shark research.
Basking Shark Information - DFO Basking Shark page.
Great White Shark Information - Feeding behaviour, geographical distribution, habitat and gruesome pictures!
The Shark Foundation - A foundation for the protection and preservation of shark species.

Marine Mammals

WhaleNet An Excellent site containing everything you could ever want to know about marine mammals, including links, facts, and pictures.
Whale Times - Site for younger children. Questions and Answers about whales.
BC Killer Whale Adoption Program - Adopt one of British Columbia's Killer Whales, and contribute to a fund for scientific research. Great for classrooms!
Marine Animal Rescue Society (MARS) - find out about marine mammal rescuing in Florida.
Whale Center of New England - a nonprofit research organization involved with the study of behavior, ecology, and natural history of the whales and dolphins .

Marine Reptiles

Sea World Sea Turtle Page - A well designed site with all sorts of information and links
Turtle Trax - Deals with a group of sea turtles off the coast of Maui, Hawaii and their struggle with a disease called GTFP (Green Turtle Fibropapilloma). Also, there is a lot of general sea turtle information as provided by the NMFS in the US.
Sea Turtles - Conservation of sea turtles

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