Subtidal Safari

Bamfield Marine Science Centre’s exciting new and unique program that’s bringing the subtidal world of the Pacific Northwest up to eye-level. 

Without getting wet, the Subtidal Safari program immerses viewers in the underwater world of Barkley Sound through a
live, real-time dive exploration.

The activity allows viewers to see, hear and almost feel as if they’re down under with our experienced team of divers as they explore life beneath the waves. 

How does is work?
How unique is it?
How can I participate?

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- provides schools worldwide with video-conferencing opportunities for unique real-time learning experiences at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre (BMSC)

How does it work?

"Top-side" in the BMSC’s Rix Centre for Ocean Discoveries, or from a distance through the internet, viewers delve into the deep via live video footage and audio contact with our divers below.




A diving naturalist wearing a full-face mask and diver microphone and speaks with the viewers, and is guided by them on an exploratory mission.


An underwater videographer, equipped with a high-definition camera and wearing a full-face mask and microphone acts as the window on the underwater world by providing stunning real-time video footage of the naturalist and the surrounding sea-life.


Surface naturalists provides structure for the dive and facilitates interaction between the divers and the viewers.

Viewers have the opportunity to talk with the divers and are encouraged to challenge the divers through activities such as subtidal scavenger hunts, invertebrate BINGO and marine biology missions.

students can see and speak with divers in the clasroom!

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How unique is Subtidal Safari?

Very unique indeed! Unlike other programs that use large indoor aquaria to carry out similar activities, the BMSC’s Subtidal Safari goes one step deeper by
diving right into the Pacific Ocean and using it as our showcase!

In this way every Subtidal Safari is unique and full of surprises. At the BMSC, the Subtidal Safari project is being used as a teaching tool to engage and motivate students to learn more about the marine environment and life under the sea.

Through the use of SCUBA diving, and video and audio technology, complex concepts such as fascinating physics, freaky physiology and dazzling diversity come to life - in a way that sticks.


Want to dive in?
Well you can!  The Subtidal Safari has been designed to function both on-site with groups visiting BMSC, and in real-time with distant groups using video conferencing technology and the internet. 

If you are interested in organizing a Subtidal Safari - where you are or at BMSC - please see our web site: Public Education Department at BMSC.
Phone: 250-728-3301 (226)

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